The Shade Sensor is always on and measuring UV

It never turns off, so long as the battery is charged. Even if not connected to your phone, the Shade sensor still records your UV exposure and syncs that data to the app when it next connects.

If you want to verify that the Shade sensor is active and measuring UV, you can use any of the methods below.

1. Check for the Battery Icon

Ensure your phone has Bluetooth turned on, and launch the Shade app. If the Shade sensor is working, it will connect automatically to your app. You will also see a battery icon in the top corner of your dashboard.

2. Tap the Battery Icon

Once you see the battery icon, tap on it. This will make your Shade sensor flash purple and vibrate three times. This tells you it's active and measuring UV.

3. Cover the sensor with your hand

If your app is not at hand, you can still check if your sensor is working. Cover it with the palm of your hand and wait for 5 seconds. The sensor will give you three short vibrations to tell you it's active.

What should I do if my Shade sensor is not working?

If any of these 3 checks do not work, the most common cause is because your Shade sensor has run out of charge. Read this article about how to charge your sensor.

If your sensor is charged and still won't connect to your app, please reach out to us via the Chat button in your app. We are happy to help.

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