The Shade sensor tracks your UV exposure through the course of a day. The Shade app provides a way for you to track your sunscreen application, so that the Shade sensor can slow down your UV exposure accumulation accordingly.

Report Sunscreen

Scroll to the bottom of your dashboard. You will see an option to "ADD SPF".
The app requires your Shade sensor to be connected in order to use this function, so make sure your sensor is paired and nearby as well as the Bluetooth on your phone is turned on.

Tap on this button, then select the SPF of your sunscreen. This is important to select because the rate at which you accumulate UV exposure slows down based on the SPF value you select here. Then simply tap the "ADD" button to start.

Stay Informed of When to Reapply

At this point, your Shade sensor will be informed and will accumulate UV exposure at a slower rate, based on the SPF selected. This ensures you always have a true picture of your UV exposure.

The dashboard will now inform you that you have "SPF ON". It will also show you how long you have left until sunscreen reapplication is recommended. This serves as a reminder to reapply your sunscreen and stay protected from the sun.

Helpful Tips

  • Report sunscreen on the Shade app soon after you apply it. There is currently no way to report your sunscreen retroactively.
  • If the "ADD SPF" button is inactive, check if your Shade sensor is connected.
  • You can also access the sunscreen card by tapping the "SPF OFF" / "SPF ON" status at the top of your dashboard.

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