The Health Check In feature of the Shade app helps you track how you feel every day, with the goal of determining when UV might have triggered a health episode for you. 

We understand that you don't always get around to filling in the health report on a particular day, especially if you weren't feeling well. The Shade app allows you to go back through your check ins and fill out days that you might have missed. You can also go back and edit your notes, or how you were feeling on a previous day. This helps keep your diary of check ins up to date, so that you can make the best decision about where to set your Daily Limit for UV Exposure. To edit your past Check-Ins, follow these steps:

History -> See All Data

Tap on the History tab on your app. Scroll all the way to the bottom of the screen. You will see an option to "See All Data". 

Tapping on this will take you to a detailed view of your past UV exposure and check ins. If you're not already familiar with it, this where you can scroll through your entire history, not just the past 12 days shown in the graph.

Edit the Check-In (iPhone)

On iPhones, tap on the day you want to edit. You will be taken to a new screen. There is an EDIT button at the top right. Tapping this will allow you to modify the check in for this day. Don't forget to hit SAVE when you're done!

Edit the Check-In (Android)

On Android, tap the EDIT button at the top. Then tap on the particular date you want to update the check in for. Once again, hitting SAVE is imperative to commit the update. When done with edits, hit DONE at the top of the screen to go back to viewing your entire history.

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