UV Exposure Graph

The UV Exposure Graph is where you can see how much UV you are exposed to each day, as measured by your Shade sensor. You also use this graph to set your Daily Limit of UV exposure. The graphs here will show you data from the last 12 days.

Check In Graph

The Check In Graph is based on your Check In activity. It shows your reported symptom activity on a timeline. By looking at both graphs, you can determine how UV exposure affects your symptoms (see above).

How to Set your Daily Limit

  1. ‍Go to the History tab and tap the pen icon on iOS or the triple dot on Android.
  2. ‍The Daily Limit indicator (the horizontal line going across the graph) will change to show you an up-down knob, and a tab that displays the current Daily Limit.
  3. Tap and drag the knob to move it up or down until the tab displays your desired Daily Limit. You cannot set a Daily Limit that is 0 or higher than the maximum amount of UV you have been exposed to. As you continue to track your UV exposure over time, you can set a Daily Limit that is accurate and truly customized to your personal health.
  4. ‍When the tab displays your desired Daily Limit, tap Save. 

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