1. If you have tried pairing your sensor to multiple phones, turn off the devices that you do not want to use with Shade; only use your primary phone for the following steps
  2. Sign out of the Shade app
  3. Close the app; make sure it's not running in the background
  4. Plug your sensor into its charger. Does the LED turn on? Keep the sensor plugged in through the following steps
  5. Cover the face of the sensor with your hand for 5 seconds. Does it vibrate?
  6. If you answered no to steps 4-5, please contact us via the in-app chat feature
  7. On your phone, turn Bluetooth off, wait a few seconds, then turn it back on
  8. Launch the Shade app; sign back in
  9. Pair to the sensor from the pairing screen

If the pairing issue is not resolved after following the above steps, please contact the Shade Support Team via in-app chat, or email us at team@wearshade.com

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